Why Invest

Episode #1 Genevieve Burke

February 05, 2020 Why Invest / Genevieve Burke Season 1 Episode 1
Why Invest
Episode #1 Genevieve Burke
Show Notes

After a life-changing experience of 18 months of treatment for breast cancer in 2016, Genevieve was fascinated by how the mind works and what controls our inner world.
Since then she has learnt from the best and now teaches teams of people how they can get the best out of life.
Listen to Genevieve Burke's story, learn how to leverage your mindset to overcome obstacles and play the game on your terms!
How far can we really go?

Learn more about Genevieve at www.genevieveburke.com.au

Hosts: Craig Rosevear and Tom Haigh
Episode 1 is sponsored by:
Six String Brewery

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