Why Invest

Episode #2 Jacqui Daley

February 18, 2020 Why Invest / Jacqui Daley Season 1 Episode 2
Why Invest
Episode #2 Jacqui Daley
Show Notes

How did Jacqui purchase two properties in one year?

Would you know which path to take to grow your wealth when investment is not your passion?
Marketing queen Jacqui Daley shares her insight into how she leveraged the expert advice of her specialist support network and capitalised her existing assets to put her on the path to achieving her goals and creating her ideal lifestyle.
“You are the equal of the five people that you spend the most amount of time with, so if you want to elevate or grow or expand your knowledge, then be around inspiring people who are making big indents with their goals and objectives” – Jacqui Daley

Learn more about Jacqui at www.themeasuredmarketer.com.au

Hosts: Craig Rosevear and Daniel Brown
Episode 2 is sponsored by:
Six String Brewery

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