Why Invest

Episode #3 Laura Lewis

March 04, 2020 Why Invest / Laura Lewis Season 1 Episode 3
Why Invest
Episode #3 Laura Lewis
Show Notes

Can you start your own business?

Learn from Harper and Lulu’s owner Laura Lewis about how to master the ABCs of starting your own small business.

Beginning after redundancy during maternity leave, Laura has turned her idea into a flourishing small business with solid branding and values, with roots in supporting the local community.

This fabulous mumtrepreneur shares her wisdom on how you can make space for yourself in a competitive market, finding clients, balancing a small business with young children, challenging yourself and finding your business mindset.

Can you ever take the foot off the peddle as a small business owner?

Learn more about Harper and Lulu at https://www.harperandlulu.com/

Hosts: Craig Rosevear and Daniel Brown
Episode 3 is sponsored by:
Six String Brewery

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